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Rotary scraper film evaporator

  • Rotary scraper film evaporator
  • Rotary scraper film evaporator
  • Rotary scraper film evaporator

Rotary scraper film evaporator

Product Description

1、 Overview

Thin film Evaporator is a new type of high efficiency evaporator, which is forced to form film by rotating film scraper, and flows at high speed. It has high heat transfer efficiency and short residence time (about 10 ~ 50 seconds). It can carry out falling film evaporation under vacuum condition.

The utility model is composed of one or more cylinders heated by jacket and rotary film scrapers in the cylinder. The film scraper continuously scrapes the feed into a thin and uniform liquid film on the heating surface and moves downward; in this process, the components with low boiling point are evaporated, and the residue is discharged from the bottom of the evaporator.

2、 Performance characteristics

1. Low vacuum pressure drop:

There is a certain pressure difference when the material vaporization gas is sent from the heating surface to the external condenser. In general evaporators, the pressure drop (Δ P) is usually relatively high, sometimes even too high to be accepted. The pressure in the evaporator is almost equal to that in the condenser. Therefore, the pressure drop is very small, and the vacuum degree can reach 5mmhg.

2. Low operating temperature:

Due to the above characteristics, the evaporation process can be maintained at a high vacuum. Due to the increase of vacuum degree, the boiling point of the corresponding material decreases rapidly. Therefore, the operation can be carried out at a lower temperature, which reduces the thermal decomposition of the product.

3. Short heating time:

Due to the unique structure of the scraper type film evaporator, the scraper has the pumping function, which makes the residence time of materials in the evaporator very short; in addition, due to the high-speed turbulence of the film on the heated evaporator, the product will not stay on the surface of the evaporator. Therefore, it is especially suitable for evaporation of heat sensitive materials.

4. High evaporation intensity:

The lower boiling point of the material increases the temperature difference with the hot medium; the function of the film scraper reduces the thickness of the liquid film in turbulent state and reduces the thermal resistance. At the same time, in this process, the wall and scale of materials on the heating surface are restrained, and the heat exchange is good. Therefore, the total heat transfer coefficient of the scraper film evaporator is improved.

5. Flexible operation:

It is because of the unique performance of the scraper type film evaporator that it is suitable to deal with the materials with heat sensitivity and requirements of stable evaporation, high viscosity and rapid increase of viscosity with the increase of concentration, and its evaporation process can also be stable.

3、 Application field

In heat exchange engineering, the scraper type thin film evaporator has been widely used. Especially for the heat exchange of heat sensitive materials (short time), the film scraper is conducive to the heat exchange, and the distillation of complex products can be carried out through different scraper designs.

The wiped film evaporator has been used in the following fields for the purpose of evaporation concentration, desolvation, stripping, reaction, degassing, deodorization (gas) odor, etc., and achieved good results

Chinese and Western medicine: antibiotics, sugar, Chinese herbal medicine such as Lei Gong Teng, Astragalus membranaceus, methyl imidazole, mononitrile amine and other intermediates;

Light industrial food: fruit juice, gravy, pigments, flavors, spices, enzymes, lactic acid, xylose, starch sugar, potassium sorbate;

Oil daily chemical: ovophosphate, VE, cod liver oil, oleic acid, glycerin, fatty acid, waste lubricating oil, alkyl polyglycoside, alcohol ether sulfate, etc;

Synthetic resin: polyamide resin, epoxy resin, paraformaldehyde, PPS (polypropylene sebacate), PBT, propylene formate;

Synthetic fiber: PTA, DMT, carbon fiber, polytetrahydrofuran, polyether polyol, etc;

Petrochemistry: TDI, MDI, Trimethylhydroquinone, trimethylolpropane, sodium hydroxide, etc;

Pesticide biology: acetochlor, propranolol, chlorpyrifos, furan phenol, promethazim and other herbicides, insecticides, herbicides, acaricides;

Wastewater: inorganic salt wastewater, etc;

4、 How it works

The material enters the evaporator radially from the top of the heating zone, and distributes to the heating wall of the evaporator through the distributor. Then, the rotating film scraper scrapes the material continuously and evenly on the heating surface into a thin and uniform liquid film, and advances downward in a spiral shape. In this process, the rotating film scraper ensures the continuous and uniform liquid film to produce high-speed turbulence, and prevents the liquid film from coking and scaling on the heating surface, so as to improve the total transfer coefficient. The light component is evaporated to form a steam stream, which rises to the external condenser directly connected with the evaporator through the vapor-liquid separator, and the heavy component is discharged from the cone at the bottom of the evaporator.

A unique distributor not only spilt the material evenly into the inner wall of the evaporator, prevents material from splashing into the evaporator, but also prevents the incoming materials from being flashed here, which is conducive to the elimination of foam, and the material can only be evaporated along the heating surface.

A centrifugal separator designed on the basis of material characteristics is installed on the upper part of the wiped film evaporator to separate the droplets from the rising steam flow and return to the distributor.

Rotary scraper film evaporator

Wuxi Dingfeng pressure vessel Co., Ltd


Wuxi Dingfeng pressure vessel Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of reactor, Evaporator, stainless steel reactor, stainless steel reactor, scraper evaporator, heat exchanger, tubular heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger. Our company has the first, second and third class pressure vessel manufacturing license and passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. Our factory has established long-term technical cooperation with Wuxi Chemical Design Institute, Jiangnan University, Shanghai Chemical Design Institute and 702 Institute of China shipbuilding industry group. As long as we are engaged in the design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and process technology development of petroleum, chemical, biological and pharmaceutical equipment, technology transfer and related technical consultation and service.

At present, the factory has fixed assets of 85 million yuan, covers an area of 28000 square meters, and modern large-scale industrial plants of 21000 square meters. At present, there are 197 employees, including 60 engineering technicians, 35 technicians in design, process, material, welding and quality inspection, including 4 senior engineers, 16 engineers and 9 assistant engineers. Give full play to the professional skills and innovation ability of all employees, and use the computer-aided system (CAD, 3D3S, SW6) to carry out personalized product design and production according to different products and processes of users, so as to meet the needs of users for diversified and high-quality products.

Company Info

  • Company Name: Wuxi Dingfeng pressure vessel Co., Ltd
  • Product/Service: Reaction kettle , Film evaporator , Pipe bundle condenser , Tubular heat exchanger , Distillation tower , Alcohol recovery tower
  • Contact Person: Mr. zhang
  • Tel: 86-510-80751588
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